Knowledge BaseHow Much Does a Website Cost in June 2022?

How Much Does a Website Cost in June 2022?

A question that constantly comes up is how much does it cost to build a website in 2022. Well, I think we can help answer that question. 

After nearly 15 years of building websites, using most ‘decent’ web hosting companies, speaking with colleagues from across the industry and doing plenty of market research ourselves we want you to avoid some of the pitfalls for first-timers.

So how much does building a website generally cost?

Well that can vary, from doing-it-yourself to using a freelancer or sourcing a web design company to build you something. Below we break-down some of the more general costings of building a site.

As mentioned there are three typical ways to build a website: Do it yourself, hire a freelancer or hire a web design company. Whichever route you decide to go down will have varying impacts on your costs. For example, creating content is free when you DIY but if you would like a freelancer or company to create it for you, you are looking at spending some cash ladies and gents.

Of course doing it yourself is going to be the cheapest method, and with so many choices like WordPress, Squarespace, Wix etc you are kinda spoilt for choice while some of these are free, open-source and well documented you still have to pay for web hosting, themes and plugins plus most likely a freelancer to do something you can’t! So there are still plenty of costs involved don’t be fooled.

Hiring a web design company is the most expensive option, realistically you are going to be looking at around $3000 minimum for something simple with only a few pages and minimum features. 

You need to choose the best method for you, and your business. Time is money as they say hiring a web designer is expensive for some but the reality is that it takes the technical hassle out of your hands and you can usually get what is in the mind’s eye. Doing it yourself will save you some money for sure but realistically you are not a web designer and there are probably one-hundred things you are not thinking of.

How about we walk you through each option, explore the various incoming costs and explain how to ask the right questions to get the most out of your money?

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